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How Will You Be Remembered?

It is my belief that we are all placed on this earth with a purpose as well as the ability to make a difference somehow, whether in the world, someone’s life, or even your own community. Don’t allow your legacy to be that you played sports in high school.

So, how will you be remembered?

Given the phenomenal advances mankind has made, are athletes of the millennium still “just jocks”? A wise man once shared with me that if you wanted to get under his skin, call him a “jock” when he knew he aspired to be so much more.

More than an athlete.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see an athlete?

More often than not, the general consensus is based solely on the physical attributes of the individual. Yes, he or she’s athletic, but how are his/her grades?

Being exceptional in your grades and on the football field, the basketball court, the baseball field, the track, in the pool etc., is often seen as an anomaly. I am here to tell you with great defiance, that this should not be considered the total measure of an athlete.

With that in mind, I started Athletic Scholars Brand (ASB) to make a difference, and challenge these stereotypes that athletes have been encumbered with.

Athletic Scholars Brand

Our goal is to acknowledge, endorse, and encourage young people to no longer succumb to the notion that they are the sum total of their physical prowess, no matter how gifted they may be.

For some time now, athletes have proven to be more than that. Many have come to realize that it is simply not enough to be physically superior, while being considered intellectually inferior, whether that is the case or not.

We are an organization that strives to empower individuals who are blessed with BOTH skills. In the past, it hasn’t been the most popular thing to say, “I’m smart!” Saying this would result in being labeled as a nerd, dork, or even lesser within your social groups.

Our overwhelming desire is to reverse this!

ASB Goals

Let’s applaud the students who apply themselves, earn good grades, but who are also to proud of it. Let’s push them to meet/exceed the qualifications to attain athletic and academic scholarships as options to further their education.

It is time to recognize their talent and boost their self-esteem.

In doing so, a whole new world of opportunity is now open to them. Whether they are successful as an athlete or not, they are still able to succeed to the point that they will achieve greatness on their own terms.

When this becomes the reality, more athletes will strive to be an equal combination of scholar and athlete.  No longer will we hear, “He plays basketball, but how are his grades?”

ASB and Their Services

We promote the idea of students motivating other students to follow their athletic & academic abilities. Our strategic aim is to develop young people who lead on the field, court, track or in the pool to lead by example in the classroom, first and foremost.

As with any brand, we sell merchandise, but a percentage of the money made will go toward scholarships and other charitable events designed to give back to the community. This brand is deeper than making a quick dollar, it is an investment in the future of those who aspire and desire to achieve, thereby making better lives for themselves and those around them.

I believe in the positive trickle-down effect. In middle and high school, the most popular people are the athletes. If we can encourage and inspire the athletes to be great in the classroom as well as in their respective sports, they will be role models for their contemporaries.

Some Key Stats

It is a well-known fact that not every athlete will become a professional in their sport. The statistics below illustrate this in a very sobering fashion.

In fact, only 2% of high school athletes are awarded athletic scholarships to compete in college. Out of 8 million plus students athletes in high school, 480,000 compete at NCAA schools.

In 2017 alone, 34,000 baseball players played college baseball (735 went pro). 18,000 basketball players played (50 were drafted to the NBA). 16,000 women’s basketball players played (34 were drafted to the WNBA). 73,000 played football (253 were drafted to the NFL), and the list goes on.

The more impressive numbers are that 86% graduated from D1, 71% to D2, and 87% from D3.

More Than an Athlete:

So there is a beautiful opportunity to be more than an athlete. Excelling in the classroom can lead to an athletic scholarship and an academic scholarship as a minimum. Even if you don’t turn pro, you have the opportunity to graduate from college and make the life you want for yourself and your future family.

As CEO of the brand, I served in the United States Military in the field of intelligence for 2 years and was medically separated. I always wanted to do something bigger than myself. Being able to impact people in a positive way has inspired me.


Perry Robinson – CEO Athletic Scholars Brand

Originally published for College Athlete Insight.

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