Our goal is to acknowledge,  endorse, and encourage young people to no longer allow the stereotype that the athlete is only athletic, but also intelligent. We are an organization that strives to empower individuals who are blessed with BOTH skills. In the past, it hasn’t been the most popular thing to say, “I’m smart.” Saying this would result in being labeled as a nerd, dork, or even lesser in our social groups. We aim to and will reverse this! Let’s applaud the students to not only get good grades but also to be proud of it. Let’s empower them to meet the qualifications of athletic scholarships as well as academic scholarships in order to further their education. Let’s be the factor that recognizes talent and allows them to feel worthy. No longer will we hear, “He plays basketball, so his grades are probably low.” We promote the idea of students motivating other students to follow in their footsteps. We aim in teaching young people who lead on the field, court, track, or in the pool to lead by example in the classroom, too.